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    Circuit studio viewer software


      Does Circuit Studio has Viewer software? How can we view sch/pcb files without Circuit Studio software?

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          Sorry but there is no view only software edition.

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            Currently the only other software that I know that is able to read the CSPcbdoc files is also an Altium software, Altium Designer.


            As for opening the .SchDoc files, you could get a free license (6 month time limited) for Altium Viewer from here: http://www.altium.com/altium-designer-viewer

            I am not sure if Altium Viewer can open the .CSPcbDoc file, too.


            I have not tried in a while Altium CircuitMaker but you could try and see if it can at least open the schematic file.

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                CircuitMaker can open one of my CS schematics.  If you don't want the information made public you would have to use one of the two local project sandboxes it allows.  Then use the File > Add Existing Document menu to add in the schematic pages from CS.


                To me, the better way to let someone see the schematic would be to make the PDF output of the schematic within CS.  If you use the CircuitStudio output job it should make a smart PDF that has the underlying component information available when you mouse click on the symbols.  It makes the PDF a bit large.  If you instead print the schematic sheets to a PDF driver then the PDF files are smaller and lack the extra information.


                This would also allow a reviewer to mark up and add comments to the PDF which they couldn't do with a simple viewer.


                I haven't tried to look at a PCB layout from CS in CircuitMaker so I can't comment on that.