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    Nobble intends to Hack Like Heck (And DOES!)




           Hello Element 14 and TBHS! My name is Elliot, aka Nobble,


      I am very excited to announce that I am entering the Hack Like Heck Contest! I am an electronics wiz at the age of 24 that knows how to do some crazy projects! With my drive to create, build, destroy, fix, and modify electronics and handheld devices, I feel confident enough to handle a project like a Raspberry Pi Portable (again!).


      In my early years as a modder, I watched Ben and other portablizer enthusiasts online make these amazing handhelds with TV consoles and batteries. The soft, malleable fat-mass inside my head instantly was on fire! I had to do this TOO!!! So I decided to build a Portable SNES. Worked great, except for I had an external battery pack...welp. The second try was a N64p, that worked better! I ended up making 2 of those and moved on to a X360 laptop. I have a knack for "Frankencasing" my projects together and love a challenge!


      Currently I am working on building and documenting a 2-in-1 Wii / Pi Zero W portable console for my YouTube Channel. I dubbed it the Wiikipad Switch because I am building it out of the Gamevice Wikipad Controller (DON'T SUE Mii..). You can check out my work log HERE. Also, I am planning on making a Gameboy Pi soon!


      I also made a Hackaday Project Page dedicated to this contest where I will post all my project updates!


      Here is the required information for my entry:

      • I intend to make a video that shows me creating a working project
      • I will post the video on the element14 Community by the submission deadline
      • If my video is one of the top 10 finalists I will receive $500 for my video


      Here is the less than 60 seconds entry video I submitted.



      And here is my extended version that shows more of my projects!



      BIG THANKS TO BEN HECK AND THE TEAM! You are all a huge inspiration to me and my work, especially early on.


      I hope you like my video entries and I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone else comes up with!


      Follow me for more future builds!