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    Availability of documentation for phone interface (and other detailed specs)?


      Hi all,


      I'm trying to figure out what all I can and can't do with a Moto Mod, and what it would take to get there. I've started by reading through the documentation that I can find, and I'm starting to get the feeling that there's two sets of documentation here:


      The openly available information, which seems to be what you want to get started with the Development Kit:

      • Schematics for the MDK
      • Most if not all of the specs of the 80-pin connector
      • Example of several personality cards (including a Pi Hat adapter - awesome!)
      • Some 3D models, like the backplate of the MDK


      Some deeper level of documentation, which seems to come from joining the "Moto Partner Program" and signing an NDA:

      • a Design Guidelines document (that sounds promising)
      • The mechanical specs for the phone-side connector and phone shape
      • The electrical specs and protocol for interfacing with the phone
      • Maybe a little more on how the MDK is built?
      • Presumably everything needed to be able to design any of the publicly-sold Moto Mods we've seen
      • Maybe something involving certificate? Perhaps that connector is really locked down, security-wise?


      So here's my question: if I want to develop an open-hardware and/or open-software Moto Mod, what are my options? The MDK is rather expensive for anyone else wanting to use anything I come up with, so learning to design directly for the phone seems like a good idea if I really want to make something usable by others. For example, if I wanted to put a $5 color sensor, or a $30 laser range finder, or something else cheap on a MotoMod, I'm looking at starting with a $125 dev kit for each phone, even if all I need is a simple I2C or SPI connection.


      I won't be able to directly work with the phone connector without the information in the Moto Partner Program, right?


      Will an open-hardware, open-software Moto Mod be fundamentally incompatible with the Moto Partner Program (and associated NDA)? Or might there be a path that will work for me?




        • Re: Availability of documentation for phone interface (and other detailed specs)?

          I agree.

          I approached the concept of Moto Mods having come from the openessoof the Pebble community.


          I found the responses from the desk of the Moto Partnership Program unhelpful (possibly due to understanding).


          At the time I was trying to obtain accurate (3D) info.  The objective was to develop a bumper compatible with the Mods.


          As a consequence, I reverse engineered my phone in 3D and I now have a practical bumper, a screen protector cum wallet, a back plate for additional lenses and Sony qx10. The latter illustrates my current approach of using available technology wirelessly.


          So I think the answer to your final question is yes but that should not stop you.