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    Help me choose an sbc


      Hi all,


      i’m currently Working on a robot project.

      i need i2c spi and some gpio, hdmi out and usb

      my original choice was a rpi3 with win10 iot (not fluent at all in Linux)


      but my Camera that I just receive (intel realsense) need usb 3


      so the the rpi is out,


      checked the Up but i2c and sometimes spi seems to suck in win10

      ( liked the pi header because I also have an matrixlabs to plug)


      Now i’m More thinking of having a sbc (udo x86) for win10 handling visual on the display hdmi, + touch + intel camera and wifi com, and an Esp32 to handle the electronic and communicate in serial with the pc.


      Or or do you have any other alternative that fit my requirement?