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    needing help to connect a 2-pin rc-car steering motor to an adafruit pwm i2c controller


      So I saw a neat project on a magazine about controlling an rc-car wirelessly through a raspberry pi, using pwm.

      I ordered everything I needed, mainly an i2c controller, and I started working on it. i am using a clone of the adafruit controller instead of a real one, because it was a lot cheaper, though the functionality remains the same.

      Now, I have a problem. The article says that I need to connect the steering motor to the 3 pins on the adafruit controller, which are labeled power, ground, and PWM, but my motor only has two wires, so I have no idea what they do, or what to do next.

      I do not have another rc-car to do this on. How do I connect the motor to the controller? do I need to get a different motor?

      Thank you for your help!

      this is the controller I'm using.

      this is the motor i'm having trouble with. the color of the wires is the same in the question diagram I made.this is how the adafruit controller is connected to my raspberry pi