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    How are components placed in a schematic linked to a schematic library


      I'm confused about how components placed into a schematic sheet are linked to their corresponding schematic library components.


      If I copy a component that is placed in a schematic sheet into a schematic library, add text, then clicking Update Schematics button, it updates the component that I have placed in the library.


      If I then want to edit the component's Library Link property in the schematic library to suit my own naming conventions, it appears to break the link between the component in my schematic library and the one in the schematic sheet.

      See video here:



      My question I guess is this:


      Is it possible to edit the Library Link property of a component without breaking the link to any instances of that component that are placed in schematic sheets?


      Also, is it possible to link a component placed in a schematic sheet to a component in a schematic library if the link does not already exist?


      Is it possible to check if the link exists or not without trying to modify the component in the schematic library and apply those changes to schematics?