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    Global nets




      I am designing the multi-page schematic and I would like to pass some signals from one page to another ( the same with the the supply nets and GND ). When I tried to generate the the output I get the warnings. Could you help me to understand how to solve those warnings.






      Warning message


      Thanks a lot in advnace

      Jacek Pieczaba

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          This violation occurs when a net in the design has been detected to have no driving source. That is, the net does not include at least one pin with one of the following electrical types:

          • IO
          • Output
          • Open Collector
          • HiZ
          • Emitter
          • Power


          Pin type definitions are generally done in the library, but can be modified on the Schematic.


          This is also a fairly common warning to receive if you use passive pins a lot in your design.  Not necessarily something you need to worry about unless you are being meticulous about pin type definitions.

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