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    NuttX configuration with my project. (FM Transmitter)


      So, this is a continuation on a deferent post, but I thought it would be appropriate to post here. ( FM Transmitter Mod )

      I am developing an FM Transmitter on my phone using a Stereo Decoder, and an FM Transmitter, both from AdaFruit.

      Utilizing the I2S, and I2C test points on the perforated board, I need to figure out how to work with NuttX to get this working. A lot of the configuration stuff I get. I have successfully completed the blinky mod, and I've read over a lot of the code. I see what's happening, but I need a little push in the right direction when it comes to actually getting the test points data to the board, and utilizing the FM transmitter library in the code. I have till around the end of April to finish this since I would like to present it for an Engineering class. However, even if I don't meet the deadline, I'll probably still pursue completing the project since I'm interested in the interface and I want to learn more. I am posting the information below along with my original thread above.


      A picture of the assembled board: (Soldering is not my strong suit)

      Fully soldered board.


      Here are my sources for the information above.





      Let me just inform you of my current knowledge. I know that I have to use the FM Transmitter library in the code, but the Stereo Decoder doesn't really have a library with it. There are a few problems I have to get out of the way off the bat.

      1. I have to figure out how to correctly sample Data in the code for the Stereo Decoder (UDA1334)
      2. I have to figure out how to include the library from the FM Transmitter (SI4713) in the NuttX compilation that generates the '.tftt' file for use in the MDK Utility application.
      3. I have to figure out how to generate the correct Manifest for NuttX
      4. I have to figure out how I reference the values of the test points in code, and how I can use them with the library.
      5. I have to figure out what DIP Switch configuration is the correct one to use. (Shouldn't be too hard)
      6. I also want to make an Android application that can control what FM Band you're transmitting over. (Cross that bridge when I get to it)


      I have spent a lot of time on this. I know that the easy option is to purchase an FM transmitter off the shelf, but I want to test the capabilities of this system. I want to be able to use it. Let me know what you think, and what your advice may be. And either way, thank you for all the help you've given me thus far. I wouldn't have gotten this far without it.