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      I am currently regularly getting crashes in 3 situations.


      # Whenever I import a xxxx.d footprint file generated in PCB Library Expert, CS crashes. If I restart the application, the import will then work correctly.


      # Whenever I access the vault for the second time. CS crashes and I need to restart to access the vault explorer


      # Sometimes I cannot even open CS. It crashes trying to load my project. I need to restart my computer before it will open.


      I have sent in the crash reports.


      When will these rookie programming errors be fixed?



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          HI Rhys, are the crashes happening with just one project or with any project you work on. Take a look at this knowledge base article and in particular try the section that suggests deleting UserTools.TLT and Workspace1.DsnWrk. This has helped a couple of people in the past that were experience instability with the vault windows.


          Do you use imported DXF to create the 3D board outline? If so then this can cause instability if you have an exceptionally large number of objects in that board outline, usually caused by a lot of arcs and curves.


          If you have a project that consistently crashes when opening then I will take a look to see if the issue occurs on my copy of CS, this might help to determine if it is the design files or something about your computer. Alternatively you may have a second computer that you can install and run CS to check if it is the design files.

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              This happens on all the projects I have worked on.


              No, I don't use an imported DXF.


              I have run the application on 3 different computers and I still get the same crashes.


              They don't happen every time.

              I'll try and find one that crashes on demand and send it through.