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    Component mirroring question


      I am working with the trial CS to determine if I would like to continue using it and have hit a snag.  I cannot seem to mirror or flip a component in the schematic.


      If I place a component from any library, say a mosfet (which quite often needs to be mirrored to make a clean schematic), select the component, pressing 'X' or 'Y' has no effect.  I know the component is selected because pressing the spacebar rotates the part.


      According to online tutorials, I should be able to press X or Y, and according to the help box in the upper right corner, there should be menu options under 'move' to do this.  The key presses don't work and the menu items are not there.  Is there really no way to flip a schematic component?

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          Double-Click the component in the schematic editor.  There is a check box that says 'mirrored'.  It's right next to 'Lock Pins'.


          Regarding CS, I loved working with Altium for many years.  CS is quite similar.  The key-binding commands are not the same.  The editor is the same.  Just a few qwerks that I had to get used to.  At first, CS was kinda painful to use.  Rules were difficult to edit.  There were a lot of features that I wanted from Altium to be incorporated into CS.  But it's like 5% of the cost of Altium so I was going to like it, dangit.  I went through all the free software trying to find something that I liked but in the end, I bought CS.  With each revision, the program gets better.  Sometimes I feel like the revisions take too long to fix the problems.  It's almost like there is one guy that edits the program in his spare time.  Version 1.4 has been great.  I'm sure that it will get better with version 1.5.

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              Thank you for the quick response and the work around.  It does work but it is a bit of an interuption of work flow.


              I still have the question though of where the bug is.  Should 'x' & 'y' work as claimed in the online tutorial, should there be menu items as claimed by the in app help system, or both of them wrong and the feature only exists in the properties box?

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              Yes, the x and y keys will mirror the component. You need to select the component and "hold" the left mouse button, then the x and y keys work. If you select and let go of the left mouse button, the x and y keys will not work but the space bar still rotates the component.