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    Nets in hierarchy, what's equivalent of Room function in AD18, without copy / paste in layout, multiple channels


      Considering CS, project involves duplicating analog and analog/digital circuits in the form of channels, 144 times.


      Never used CS or Altium.  Past environments: PADS, Ultiboard, and Pulsonix.


      Looking for explanation of how CS handles nets between sheets/blocks.


      How many layers of sheets within sheets are possible?  Do net names through ports passing from lower to higher sheets carry as part of connection, local names? if not, how?  Altium appears to have local, global, and automatic naming with connection history.  How does CS handle?


      What's most efficient way to layout, circuit from a single sheet, and then using same layout place copy onto pcb while preserving net names?


      Altium provides rooms for circuits from schematic, layout, and then placing copies in the room.


      A method has been proposed via cut and paste.  A more efficient approach would save time for designers of multi-channel devices.





      If not available, is the room function on the list for future releases? if so when?  Should be easy to port code from Altium Designer.