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    Hierarchic design - What document describes how to and global vs local net names


      New to CS, where in documentation/help


      Description of generating a hierarchical block

      Storage location of the block design

      re-use, i.e. loading from location the block

      connection of block ports on outside to circuitry, pins on components and pins on other blocks

      how many levels of blocks are supported

      are tables spreadsheets available identifying all of the net names prior to connection outside of the block, and reference to local netnames of original block connecting to the top level


      is it possible to define a bus inside of a block, link to outside by a bus port

      how are connection net names identified within the block sheet and outside at the next higher level,

      is it possible to see the net name within a block prior to the connection out side of the block via port


      Entertaining using circuit studio for a 128 channel project, based on blocks groups both in schematic and pcb


      Does circuit studio remember layout of a schematic block, for repetition, eliminating need to manually layout a multi instanced block


      Altium 18 does the above, attempting to learn to what extent circuit studio accommodates.