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    Easy Solar Tracker (Controller) - :'( Please Help Beginner


      Components: 1 Arduino, 4 LDRs, 4 Relays (Omron G5LE-1-36), Relay Protection (4 Transistors, 4 Resistors, 4 Inverting diodes) & 1 Solar Panel Platform (2 DC Motors)


      Problem: Not sure how to wire the last part of my solar panel controller correctly!


              -> Relay Wiring:

                    *Is the first blue wire (Pin2) and green wire (Pin1) meant to be on the same rail?

                    *Is the second blue wire (Pin5) ground?

                    *Does the diode go between the green wire (Pin1) and the orange wire (Pin4)?

                    *Going by the mark what way is the diode meant to be facing?


                  *Datasheet (Pins in regards to datasheet)-> https://eu.mouser.com/datasheet/2/307/en-g5le-1131193.pdf  (from this site https://eu.mouser.com/ProductDetail/Omron-Electronics/G5LE-1-36-DC5?qs=JK6Bpmia%2fmtcCWosfO3L%2fQ== )


              -> Connection from each of the yellow breadboard yellow wires to each of the Relays? Which of the Relay wires should the yellow wire be connected to?


              -> What connections of the relays should I connect to each of the 2 motors (2 Relays per Motor, 2 wires per DC Solar Panel Motor)


             -> Is there anything missing?





      Hi everyone!

      thanks for viewing my post and seeing what you can do to help out


      simply put the solar panel as you can see in the first picture has two motors

      to control .....1 for vertical movement, 1 for horizontal movement. I am trying

      to create a controller for the solar panel essentially! So it can move in the direction

      of where there is most light


      As you can see below the first breadboard is full of LDRs for sensing light so that when programmed

      in to the arduino the solar panel will automatically turn to the area where there is most light

      (when LDRs are at the corners of the solar panel at the moment just testing).


      Beyond the Arduino on the yellow breadboard is a protection circuit for the relay

      and on the last white breadboard is where the relays are where they will be connected

      to the DC servo motors on the solar panel platform.


      As stated before my problem is in wiring things up at the end my coding is

      alright.....I think .....lol one thing at a time


        • Re: Easy Solar Tracker (Controller) - :'( Please Help Beginner

          Hi the_future


          Looks as if you have a very useful project here, but judging by your post, your are struggling a little!


          My advice would be:

          1. Create an overall diagram of the proposed hardware, clearly showing each component
          2. Expand each section with a clear schematic - looking at photographs of components plugged into breadboards is not very easy!
          3. Even if you think you coding is OK I would strongly recommend developing the code in stages, testing out each piece of code with the corresponding hardware component(s)
          4. When you have all the various parts working, then it's time to integrate everything - step by step, testing all the time.


          Hope this helps



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