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    Circuitstudio Tenting just Vias not Pads



      I am trying to find a way to Tent all Vias Top and bottom and no other Pads, I have tried using the negative value of the Radius and this works but it also tents the Pads of components.

      I assumed you would create a Pad class for Vias but cannot find a way of doing this then set the Solder Mask expansion rule for this class.

      The help information refers to Pads and Vias, can the Vias be treated differently to Pads ?

      Tenting them individually by selecting the check box is time consuming.





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          I agree.  Tenting vias is time consuming.  Especially after using the 'Find Similar Objects' feature in Altium.  CS has a somewhat downgraded version of that feature.  Click on the 'View' tab and select 'Filter'.  Go down to 'Objects' and select 'Via'.  This allows you to highlight all of the vias on your board.  The bad part is that you can't highlight all of the vias under a single net.  They are all selectable.  So this is the tedious part where you need to select or deselect them individually.  Once you have them highlighted, go back under the 'View' tab and select 'Object Inspector'.  You can now tent all of your highlighted vias with one check box. 


          If there is a better method, I'd like to know.  Hopefully an update will resolve this but it might be a year or two.  I've let my subscription lapse until there is a version that is worth purchasing.