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    External netlist import into PCB?


      I've just started with CircuitStudio and have inherited some Protel99SE PCBs that I want to modify. The schematics for these were not created with Protel99SE, only the PCB and the netlists were imported using the  99SE load design facility. I've managed to import the PCBs into CircuitStudio successfully and the attached netlist has been transferred as well. I would now like to import an updated external netlist, but I've yet to find an option to allow this - is it possible? I've got no interest at this stage in redrawing the large multi-sheet schematics in CircuitStudio.


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          Hi Andy, unfortunately CS is not designed to work this way and there is no facility to load a random netlist into the PCB. There are editing options so you can change the netlist using Tools | Netlist > Edit Nets. It is possible to add in tracks manually between pins (where no net exists), to do this you will need to select a routing mode that ignores obstacles so you can connect 'random' pins (use SHIFT+R when routing to select this mode). Once you have added new tracks use Tools | Netlist > Configure Physical Nets to update the internal netlist of the PCB.