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    Cool Tools To Giveaway for a Blog Review


      I kind of figured that anyone who considers him or herself a maker has a toolbox or a bench of tools they treasure. When I did technical work, I had my big tool box and a briefcase of my go-to tools, including a multimeter, driver set, sockets, extender magnet, etc. These were my cool tools. What are yours?


      We are launching a cool tools campaign at element14 where we roadtest and giveaway some tools we think are pretty cool.


      Cool Tools Giveaway for a Blog Review

      Would you like to get any of these tools, play around with them, and write a blog review? I'm looking for a few members who are really into tools to do the reviews. Below are the tools I have to offer. If you are interested, drop me a line in the comments below. Tell me about your cool tools and persuade me to send you off any of these tools. And all you need to do for it is write a blog review on element14.

      Milwaukee Tool 60-piece Shockwave Series Impact Driver Set


      Leatherman 14 in 1 Multitool


      Bit Set, Zyklop Mini Series


      Peak Electronics ESR Meter (Capacitance)


      Duratool PC Maintenance Tool Kit

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          best feature on the ESR, Capable of In-Circuit measurement of ESR Win win there.  get it while its hot.  but nobody can have enough tools, such a tease that rscasny guy.  (my esr isn't that nice tho)

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            Interesting tools! Some of these brands (Milwaukee and Leatherman) I've not heard of in the UK, but they look interesting.

            In terms of my cool tools that often get overlooked maybe, are the humble nut-drivers!

            They are so convenient for projects, rather than destroying things by using pliers to hold nuts, or the miniature spanners that keep getting lost : (

            Nut drivers: Nut | Farnell UK

            or: http://www.newark.com/c/tools-production-supplies/tools-hand-workholding/drivers/nut


            I only have a few, for the popular nut sizes that I use (M3, M2.5 etc) and also a 1/4" one, for putting regular screwdriver bits inside. Super-convenient. Also there are nut driver sets of course, but for the popular nut sizes like M3, I think it really is worthwhile having dedicated tools like these.


            There is a table here that shows what size nut driver corresponds to what size nut, the 's' row tells what size nut driver to get:

            (source: http://www.farnell.com/datasheets/11588.pdf  )


            (There is a mistake for M2.5, the size should be 5mm across flats). So, for example, for M3 nuts, you need a 5.5mm across flats size nut driver.

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              A while back I bought a pair of Electrician's Scissors which I have ended up using quite a bit.  I mostly cut small gauge wire with them and prefer them to diagonal cutters for that.

              Electrician's Scissors

              I am a big fan of the driver sets like the Milwaukee and have something similar in my travelling tool bag as well as my garage.  Milwaukee is the good stuff too.  I am in pretty good shape for tools though and will leave this roadtest to those who are in greater need than I.

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                Frederick Vandenbosch

                I've had a Leatherman Charger for years, it's been my go-to multitool since I got it. I'd be interested in comparing this Wingman to my Charger!

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                  Hi Randall,


                  the second tool (mini bit set) is linked to the first one instead...


                  My choice is for this: Milwaukee Tool 60-piece Shockwave Series Impact Driver Set


                  Why? Starting by June 4th I start for a long term project in Ghent, Belgium so a tool like this, especially for the period I will be almost without any other stuff will be great. And writing a real-world application of the box, just because it will be almost the only thing I have (most of the big projects and road tests will be completed here during the month of May) it will be a good testing IMO.



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                    Leatherman Charger looks quite cool and handy. I think of thousandss of situations.. frequent travelers, camping, to go to workshop, biking trips.. and on and on.

                    I have owned some swiss knives over the years but they didnt last as I had thought and well I did cheap out on the price too.

                    But this one looks like a keeper.


                    They also have a large selection online https://www.leatherman.com/multi-tools




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                      I think it would have to be the ESR meter for me,  though it wouldn't see a great deal of daily use at work.  I'd use it mainly to diagnose failed capacitors on power supplies.  I've fixed a few computer monitors by replacing capacitors,  Generally they are bulging so are easy to spot. I've had one that had spewed it's guts all over the place.  It's a shame that such a simple repair fixes quite a few screens but just don't happen.  The last time I tried to get my TV (Television) repaired it was suggested that I "try a new board" at 2/3 the cost of a new TV with no guarantee that would fix it.  I personally would be amazed if they could even get a replacement board for a 6 year old TV.


                      Thanks to a habit of pulling things apart to see how they work, I already have lot's of mechanical tools and assorted screwdrivers / bits and different handles suited to get into small areas or down holes in enclosures.

                      I would have to agree with shabaz though. Once you've tried nut drivers or nut spinners as they are known at work, you'd never go back to using a spanner!  I use a small socket set which is still a little bulky and I end up scrounging proper nut drivers from the shop floor!  They are on my list of things to add to my home tool kit.

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                        I own 2 of these and they have solved many of my repair issues



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                          I would love to test and blog the ESR/Capacitance Meter!  In circuit testing sounds great.  I have a lot of old computer motherboards and stuff to test it out on!

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                            Quite a variety of tools there, and all very useful. As for the testing, I will pass, as I have quite a few tools already, and if I get more I'm afraid my wife will send me to sleep in the shed with them :-).


                            My favourite tool is the set I got (cheap) from China last year: it's the Multi-functional Ratchet Crimping Tool Wire Strippers Terminals Pliers Kit, in the photo below, which I managed to get for just under £20.



                            tool set

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                              My most enduring tool was acquired in 1981 and I still have it in my toolbox to this day. The ever puzzling nibbling tool,

                              which was first obtained as a 5 1/4" floppy disc notching device for my Apple II+ computer. Not only does it work as

                              well as the day i bought it, it seems to always find a purpose in most any project.


                              As far as the roadtesting, the ESR meter would be the most useful in troubleshooting vintage gear with questionable

                              capacitor status.

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                                lucie tozer

                                Auto wire strippers are a definite essential! Mine have been on their way out for the last year, really should get around to buying a new set.

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                                  My most used tools at home are a Digital Vernier (like this):

                                  76991500 - Digital Caliper, Stainless Steel, 150mm, 0.01mm Graduation


                                  And a Xcelite driver kit similar to this (the black handle slips on to give extra torque if required):

                                  PS130 - Screwdriver & Nutdriver Set, Convertible, 11 Piece


                                  The list of equipments provided by Randall for testing looks great. If there is a lack of volunteers then I'll gladly review any of the items, but I would really like to see what budding engineers can make of them as they build up their first collection of tools



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                                    I could use the Milwaukee tools since I just broke my cheap Chinese drill bit using it on a real US made steal post.



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