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    Cool Tools To Giveaway for a Blog Review


      I kind of figured that anyone who considers him or herself a maker has a toolbox or a bench of tools they treasure. When I did technical work, I had my big tool box and a briefcase of my go-to tools, including a multimeter, driver set, sockets, extender magnet, etc. These were my cool tools. What are yours?


      We are launching a cool tools campaign at element14 where we roadtest and giveaway some tools we think are pretty cool.


      Cool Tools Giveaway for a Blog Review

      Would you like to get any of these tools, play around with them, and write a blog review? I'm looking for a few members who are really into tools to do the reviews. Below are the tools I have to offer. If you are interested, drop me a line in the comments below. Tell me about your cool tools and persuade me to send you off any of these tools. And all you need to do for it is write a blog review on element14.

      Milwaukee Tool 60-piece Shockwave Series Impact Driver Set


      Leatherman 14 in 1 Multitool


      Bit Set, Zyklop Mini Series


      Peak Electronics ESR Meter (Capacitance)


      Duratool PC Maintenance Tool Kit

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