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    ERROR: Board Stack Report not Working


      Hi Element14 Circuitstudio Support,


      I have two seats of Circuitstudio (running version 1.4).  My seat at home (Windows 7, Microsoft Office 2016) creates the Board Stack Report without any issue (i.e. Excel document showing layers, thicknesses, etc.).  My seat at work (Windows 7, Microsoft Office 2016) produces an "Interface not supported" error message.  It does not work using the Output >> Board Stack Report or Project >> Generate Output >> Report Board Stack (checked).


      I've searched on-the-line and I'm unable to find a fix (similar to IPC2581 fix) for this issue and frankly I don't understand why it works on one system (home), but not the other (work).  Please help with a solution.


      Thanks & Best Regards,


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          It could be down to differences in the way Office 2016 is installed. I would suggest trying to make sure the work installation matches home and then perhaps try to repair Office 2016. Is it possible you have had older versions of office installed at home but not at work?

          To repair Office 2016:

          1. Open up the Control Panel on your PC (and show All Control Panel items, if necessary) and click on Programs, then Programs and Features.
          2. Find Microsoft Office 2016 in the list and highlight it.(Selection also say Microsoft Office 365)
          3. Click Change.
          4. Select Quick Repair and Repair then follow the prompts.