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    Product Reviews on UK Farnell Site


      Dear E14 Team,


      You have a real wealth of information on the Element14 site from community members; which is fantastic.


      However, when I looked at a product that I know has been recently reviewed (in Element14 Community) on my native Element14 retail site (Farnell in the UK) I see there are no reviews by purchasers.


      E.g. the Digilent Arty S7 reviews are here: Digilent ARTY S7 Dev Board (Xilinx Spartan 7)

      But the Farnell site here 410-352 DIGILENT, Evaluation Board, Spartan-7 50 FPGA, 256MB RAM, 4 x Pmod Headers, Vivado | Farnell UK  states 'be the first to review the product'.


      A purchaser who was not aware of Element14 Community would perhaps miss out on that extra detail when deciding on a purchase from the Farnell website. I realise the review setup on the website is different to those on Element14 but might be something to look at in the future ?





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          Hi Rod,

          That's odd.. I though reviews did appear there, in the Community box, I had seen some in the past, but like you, I can't see any, and searching for known things on element14 in the Farnell community box reveals nothing.

          I wonder if there is something broken, API failure or something, regarding the connection between the sites : (

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