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    Pcb layout locked up in V1.51


      I loaded in an existing pcb layout and updated a component from the library panel on the right side. This action seems to have locked up the pcb layout. i.e. nothing is now selectable. I closed the layout and CS and reopened both and the pcb layout is still not selectable. I opened another layout and it is selectable so it seems that the first layout has been corrupted. Do you know of any operation that can re-open the pcb to editing?

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          Hi Jim, sorry to hear you've had a problem with one of your PCB layouts. I've not been able to reproduce this error on my copy so not sure what has happened. You should have a History folder within your project folder that will contain previous copies of the design, these can be accessed directly or through the Storage Manager panel within CircuitStudio.


          Before assuming the design is corrupt check that you don't have a mask selected (View | Clear) and also that the new object filter is not active (Home | All Objects).