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    Connect Raspberry Pi3 B+ to USRP N200 via Gigabit Ethernet Cable Cat5e and higher


      Hi everyone,


      I want to know, can we have direct communication between USRP N200 and Raspberry Pi3 B+ through Gigabit Ethernet cable?

      I know for Raspberry Pi3, it wasn't possible due to weakness of LAN port since it wasn't support Gigabit communication, but for Raspberry Pi3 B=, it is claimed that has the capability of Gigabit communication with all those improvements.

      In Raspberry Pi3, it was mentioned in few forums that needs to use USB adaptor from Gigabit Ethernet cable though I haven't tested it myself. Has anyone here tried this direct communication before? (either via USB or Ethernet)


      I need it for a project in which we want to activate each USRP N200 via Raspberry Pi 3 B+ with use of GNU radio to transfer short data stream (short MP4 or MP3)  from node to node. (I have already ordered Raspberry Pi3 B+ and will receive them soon).


      Current experiment:

      At the moment I have tried the communication between USRP N200 and Raspberry Pi3 via a D-Link Gigabit switch and able to detect and communicate with USRP. The operating system is Ubuntu Mate and so far no problem except higher delay which is normal since the Raspberry has lower processor power compared to normal PCs.


      Will be great if anyone can give some tips.

      Appreciate for your help,