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    Anybody else messing about with Node-Red?


      Just started with RPI, still trying to figure it out. Have been looking at Node-Red quite a bit

      and finding it very interesting but not as easy as it first looks.

      Years ago I wrote code in Assembly Language, Basic, and Forth but it has been awhile

      and i'm finding its a whole exciting new world.

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          Welcome to the element14 community.  There are a lot of great people here that have a lot of knowledge and experience.

          On the top of most screens is a search bar.  Here is a snapshot of the search bar in operation, finding some blogs and discussions about Node-Red.


          Look through some of these and hopefully some of the members with this experience will also reach out to you.



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            My most recent review (Rohm Sensors) I did a look at the pressure and temperature sensor in relation to other sensors. That is all done using node-red. If you would like to see my flows I can post a picture of them for you. Its pretty interesting how quickly I was able to do something that would have taken forever in any of my other languages or methods.



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              When I wanted to learn a bit more about node-red preinstalled on BeagleBone Black, I found this introductory series of videos: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLKYvTRORAnx6a9tETvF95o35mykuysuOw

              I only got to minor modifications of examples given by the IoT kit named BigClown.



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                Tony Beck

                Hi Bob,


                Node-Red is a brilliant tool.  I started using it last year for a project I have done to control my home central heating and hot water system.  You can do some really cool stuff with it.  It pretty much controls the whole system.


                It is worth exploring some of the packages you can download to expand the functionality.  You can add features such as OPC-UA, Modbus and a whole host of different cloud connectors.  I have found there are node packages avaialable for all the big cloud providers - such as AWS, Azure, IBM Cloud, Google Cloud.


                If you haven't already, I would recommend getting your head around JSON and Java Script as these are quite fundamental to Node-Red operation.  Writing your own Java Script functions in Node-Red can really open up a lot of possibilities!

                When using Node-Red on the Raspberry Pi there are also a number of Nodes to give access to the Pi hardware peripherals such as GPIO, I2C, 1-wire bus etc.


                Another great feature that I would recommend installing is the Node-Red-Dashboard. This can help give your project a really nice GUI that can be accessed using a web browser.  It is even possible to create your own custom controls for some advanced dashboards.


                When I get enough time, I plan to write a blog on my home heating system project where I will put some focus on the Node-Red control.


                Do you have any projects in mind or anything specific you would like to do with Node-Red?




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