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    Output generation error: error ocurred deleting previous output


      (yes the error message spells it wrong)


      In Circuitstudio trying to generate outputs (schematic, PCB, gerber, drill, 3D, etc) immediately returns:



      This is about the 4th time this has happened (in 1.4 and 1.5x). Previously I tried some random combination of quit, reboot, directory deletion, etc. and was able to get output. Whatever the magic combination is I can't seem to do it and am stuck trying to release a board. There's no info in messages nor in the project log file about why it thinks it can't generate any output. It just fails.


      This time I'm putting the failure here so that if it happens again I can remember the workaround.  I do wonder though that there seems to be limited occurrences of this error (it apparently happened to CircuitMaker users, but no solution is posted there) so wonder if it's got some Windows dependency of some sort (mine is a win 7 system).


      Anyone know how to fix this?

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          This could be as simple as having a document or file open. CS tries to delete all files and if one is open or locked by the Windows system then it will fail with the error. Although not in relation to CS in the past I have experienced where Windows seems to get stuck thinking a file is open/in-use and only way to clear is to reboot.

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              Hi Peter,


              That was my thought too, except I removed the Default Configuration directory so there (should be?) nothing that CS was trying to delete as the directory didn't exist.


              I finally remembered what I did to work around this before: copy the whole project to a temp directory, open it and generate the output(s), and then copy the output directory back.


              I don't doubt that this isn't some sort of windows oddness coming in to play, my annoyance is that the error message is is of no use to help figure out the problem.There's no obvious way to make this error happen, and once "fixed" things seem fine again.


              Anyway now that I wrote up how to work around this I'll hopefully remember for next time...