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    Pi Desktop don't boot without HDMI?


      Hi all,

      I bought recently a Pi desktop to use my Raspberry Pi 3 as a school server to expose contents using WiFi.

      Pi desktop box is interesting because it come with a SSD slot and a power on/off button so could be started/stopped safely.


      BTW it seems to me than the Pi desktop don't want to boot without an HDMI connected and it's specifically my use case.


      More precisely, here what happens: during a "normal" boot the red LED on the raspberry PI board turn on then the green LED turn on and blink.

      It's what happens with the PI desktop when the HDMI is connected.

      With the PI desktop with HDMI not connected, the red LED turn on but the green LED stay off. Plus the RaspberryPI is connected with a RJ45 wire and I don't see it on the network.


      Is there anyone that experimented this issue ?

      Is there a way to force Pi desktop to boot even without HDMI connected ?

      Any help or pointer will be appreciated.