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    Computer freezes when CircuitStudio is running and it trys to shut off screen.


      This has now happened to me 3 times.  I leave my computer with CircuitStudio running long enough for my computer to shut off the screen (30 mins).  I come back to my computer and the screen is black and the computer is on, but unresponsive.  Short press on the power button will not hibernate the computer as it is set to do.  Ctrl-Alt-Del, Ctrl-Shift-Esc do nothing.  The only solution is hold the power button to force the computer off.  This has happened twice when I just left my PC for a while, and once when I locked my computer (windows key + L) with CS running.  Is anyone else seeing this?


      I am fairly certain that CircuitStudio is the culprit, as I have just recently installed and began using CircuitStudio and this has never happened on this PC previously.  If needed I could do some further tests (set the screen off time to something ridiculously short) to verify.  Really I have better things to be doing than this, so I was really wondering if I am the only one seeing this issue.