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    Op Ed: Makers and Hobbyists are Missing an Electronics Education by NOT Attending an element14 Webinar


      Makers and DIY hobbyists on element14 build some amazing projects! Just a quick tour through our Raspberry Pi Projects and Project14 is proof of it.


      Some element14 hobbyists are working engineers in their day jobs, so their projects are for their own purposes or just to have some fun.


      Some makers are outright geniuses! They learn by doing or asking a question to the community or (I imagine) by building a friendship with an experienced member who essentially "mentors" the maker. This is great. Actually, fantastic.


      But, in my opinion, I feel sometimes you just have to learn electronics at its core to really understand electronics or when you have to do some modification at the board level. People like Ben Heck ( element14's The Ben Heck Show )  are outstanding makers; but when I get some time out of my busy schedule, I have watched Ben's shows: he knows electronics and the theory behind it.


      Now some people can read a book and learn electronics. But I think others need someone to guide them through it or let them know what is going on in electronics technology today, which is changing at a rapid pace (my generation called it FutureShock), and at the heart of this op ed.


      I am inviting more makers and hobbyists who are still learning about electronics to attend an element14 webinar. Our webinars are given by experts. They boil down the topic fairly well, making the webinar an electronics education unto itself.


      As a webinar host, I've definitely learned some things. I think you would as well. So, reflect on what I've said here. If you have the time, sign up for one of our webinars. You just may be surprised at what you will learn.