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    Help Me Ben Heckendorn you're my only hope!


      Help Me Ben Heckendorn you're my only hope! and you know I am serious because I used your full last name instead of just heck. In any case I bought a laserdisc player for my birthday (March), and was swindled out of $85 bucks. The guy told me it ran, but it did not. He told me it worked, but it did not. He threatened me after I gave him a negative feedback on eBay trying to get me to change it, and I called eBay on him. Now today I took a look at it, and except for the fact that it's all rusty on the bottom. It's a pretty clean system internally. I am poor. Which means I can not afford your services. However I need you to fix it for me, and free if at all possible. It needs some parts remade with a 3D printer. Just some gears, and a motor mount / housing. It also needs some lube, and the track gears are stuck. The spindle is also stuck in the upright position. I got a Japanese Laserdisc, and I want to be able to play it on my American laserdisc player if at all possible. However with all of these issues, and custom work needing to be done I can not afford it. Nor do I even have the know how or the equipment like you do. Also just so you are aware... the Laserdisc is of my favorite band, and the disc was never offered in the United States because it is a Japan band.


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          Hi Andrew,


          There wasn't enough information, but if you have not already done so, if you can measure up the gears (see this gear PDF document for detail) then there is a chance you may be able to find them on ebay/aliexpress etc.

          This is just a suggestion in case it helps reduce the number of things that need fixing.

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              It does not help. I mean this thing is trashed. There's a motor with a broken gear thing on it (as seen in the pictures) and it is just dangling next to the laser. It needs a new mount, and I think someone can 3D print one. Plus the track for the trays itself is seized up, and the spindle is stuck in the up position. Just to be clear I have all the gears, and I am fairly sure they are in working order a side from the one that is attached to the motor next to the laser.