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    Net labels not snapping to or joining electrical objects


      Normally, when you move a net label such that it's bottom left corner is touching an electrical object (i.e. a wire or the tip of a pin), an electrical connection is automatically made between the net label and the pin.  You can then drag the net label around and dynamic wires are created/altered to preserve the electrical connection.


      For some reason this is not working for me sometimes.  See the video below:






      I was able to get the situation resolved by selecting everything (net labels, wires, components, etc) and using the Align To Grid command.

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          Schematics usually work best when everything kept to a common grid. Unlike a PCB where there is good reason to have imperial or metric grids for the schematic it is generally best to stick to the defaults. For anyone seeing this thread who doesn't know - the schematic grids and electrical snap are set from Project | Document Options : Sheet Options. The default snap grid is usually 10 units.

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              I think the way that I got off track to begin with was using the "distribute vertically" alignment command while I had multiple net labels selected.  Apparently the command does not respect the snap grid setting and thus will end up positioning the elements with floating point precision (i.e. my net labels' had coordinates like 450.35 and other such nonsense).


              So, word to the wise:  after using "distribute" alignment commands in a schematic, always hit Ctrl-Shift-d afterwards (align to grid command)

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                  I have a similar problem in CS where items in the schematic were off grid by 0.001 or 0.002 of a mil. I always use 50 or 100mil, so this can only be attributed to CS going haywire, perhaps one of the many times it crashed. I was doing a fair bit of copy paste so the error got replicated a number of times. I was able to snap everything back to grid, but my net connectivity is totally screwed, i have "Floating net label" warnings everywhere. I have to delete components and wires and net names and place new ones to fix - nothing else i have tried has helped. Altium has often had an issue with respecting net integrity, this is not the first bug I have experienced where net integrity was not respected - in the past, reporting AD bugs that lost net integrity elicited a "so what?" reaction from Altium - it's written by programmers who don't understand schematic design and PCB layout, and most don't even use the package it's clear.