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    The Last Episode that Ben Heck did tease on twitter? #pieface

      According Ben Heck's twitter feed from last few months, the last episode of Ben Heck should have been a portable project featuring a sketch with PieFace. There was "Raspberry Pi No HDMI Revisited - Redesign!", but didn't have PieFace, musical number nor that sentimental very last shot. The Ben Heck Show just did fade away when new hosts came.


      Few evidence:


      Working on the musical number for the last episode of @thebenheckshow PieFace Shall Return! #pieface



      Setting up the very last shot of @BenHeckShow



      Still working on the final @BenHeckShow skit. Should be quite the thing!



      Working for the 3rd weekend in a row on the final @BenHeckShow project. It will be my greatest portable ever! (fingers crossed) Might as well go out with a bang.




      There certainly was no bang...


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