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    How do I make the autorouter prioritize creation of vias to internal polygon pours


      I'm trying to use the autorouter to autoroute a 4-layer board.


      The middle two layers are:

      1. Various power polygon pours (12V, 5V, etc)
      2. Various ground polygon pours (GND, ANALOG_GND, LOAD_GND, etc)

      It seems that when I go to use the autorouter, it routes signals as if it doesn't know that there is a corresponding internal polygon pour that it can tap into right below the component.


      Observed behaviour:

      5V pin on a component mounted on the top layer ends up getting routed and woven through components all over the board until it connects to the 5V buck converter output pin on the other side of the board.


      Expected behaviour:

      Drop a via connected to 5v internal polygon pour right beside the 5v pin, and drop a small track between that via and the 5V pin.


      Here is a video showing what I mean: