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    Share Feature Not Working Properly


      Hello, I am not 100% sure if this is a change decided by Element14 during the last site update but I am experiencing a problem in the share feature. As I post something new, especially Road Test or meaningful posts (e.g. in Projec14 area) I was used to share it as it has been posted on social networks. I have a good visibility so I see this will boost a while the reading of my posts. By a while - after last site update - I noted that the share button, whose icon shows Facebook, G+, Twitter etc., stopped showing the option of what social to share and only shows the Element14 site share option (to a group, another user or a section).



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          Dorothe Wiedle

          Hi Enrico,


          Thanks for your post and sorry for any troubles you're experiencing! We do have an open case to review the sharing of certain types of content and aim to get those fixes and/or improvements in with the next update. But we want to make sure something else didn't break with the most recent update.


          So I've tried to replicate your scenarios as best as I could and definitely see one issue with 'Share' on the application confirmation page. But if you have time, could you try to reproduce any other scenarios you experienced and send a few more details? Screenshots and steps are always welcome and very helpful.


          Thanks again!


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