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    Smart watch motherboard running Android


      Hi Element14 community,


      I am Frank Cohen. I am designing a new smart watch that will use a new lighting system I designed. There will be no OLED-style display, nor a touch screen. I'm searching for a motherboard that will provide me with smart watch capabilities (Wifi, BLE, Android, etc.). I am thinking that going with an existing Android-based motherboard will keep costs low and provide a rich software development environment. I'm an Arduino fan and not a fan of having to code 100% of the watch software myself.


      What do you think of this approach?


      And I will be in Shenzhen from July 18 to 27, 2018. Are there manufacturers, ODM companies, or sales organizations you recommend I visit?


      Here are the motherboard requirements:


      Following ARE NOT required:

      No display controller is needed

      No display is needed

      No need for NFC

      No need for multimedia subsystem, camera support, or record/playback of videos

      No need to encode and decode H.264 video

      No need for capacitive Multi-touch

      No SIM card

      No memory card, no DIMM card slot


      Following ARE required:


      Physical size:

      45mm diameter,13mm thick, or 27 mm square or less

      Weight 46 g or less

      PCBA footprint



      CPU: ARM Cortex-A7 at 1.2GHz

      GPU: ARM Mali-400

      Memory: eMMC + LPDDR2/3 1 Gbyte on board



      Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz power amplifiers (PAs), Bluetooth PA, and transmit-receive (T/R) switch

      GPS Glonass+GPS+Beidou,Agps

      Bluetooth v4.1/BLE

      Wifi 802.11 b/g/n

      Over The Air (OTA) boot and update capability



      Lithium Ion

      Thin Film


      2 mm x 27 mm x 27 mm



      Motherboard will drive 36 discrete single-color LEDs or a string of WS2812 LED units or Neopixels

      over an SPI-compatible I/O bus



      D/A and A/D converter with WAV or AAI sound support

      Speaker 2 mm x 27 mm x 27 mm or smaller



      Battery and Power Management

      Wireless battery charge circuit with USB powered cradle

      Battery life 48Hrs+(depending on the usage)



      Bluetooth BLE or Wifi

      Connectivity: Wi-Fi 802.11abgn/ac1T1R, Bluetooth 3.0+HS, Bluetooth Low Energy 4.1, ANT+, GPS / GLONASS /


      Operating system

      Android 4.3+ with Wear OS by Google


      Additional requirements:

      Real Time Clock (RTC)

      Haptic vibrator

      Compass and Positioning


      Fuel gauge

      Heart-rate monitor

      Proximity sensor






      The above requirements are similar to MediaTek MT2601 chipset. The following is included for reference. These are not requirements:


      Our needs are similar to the MediaTek MT2601 dual-core motherboard for wearable devices:

      1.2 GHz dual-core ARM Cortex-A7 CPU, ARM Mali-400 MP GPU, ePOP memory link


      Power management similar to MT6323:

      Handles all 2G/3G/smart phone baseband power management

      „Input range: 3.4 ~ 4.5V

      3 buck converters and 23 LDOs optimized for specific 2G/3G/smart phone subsystems

      Full-set high-quality audio feature: Supports uplink/downlink audio CODEC and high-power/quality audio amplifier

      „32K RTC crystal oscillator for system timing, 1.8 and 2.8V clock buffer output

      Multiple function GPIO

      Flexibility for various configurations of indicator LED current source: 4ISINK

      SPI interface

      Li-ion battery charging function

      Over-current and thermal overload protection

      Programmable under voltage lockout protection

      „Watchdog timer

      „Flexibility hardware PMIC reset function

      „Power-on reset and start-up timer

      „Precision voltage, temperature, and current measurement fuel gauge

      „VFBGA - 145L package


      Similar to MT6630 wireless connectivity:

      Wi-Fi, GNSS, Bluetooth and ANT+