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    Does CircuitStudio support the concept of a sub-assembly


      I'm wondering if CircuitStudio supports the concept of a sub-assembly.

      For example, I have a a footprint made for plugging in a Particle Electron into two 18-position female headers that are aligned and spaced X mm apart.

      This "component" is really a sub-assembly of 2 female headers.


      Sure I can just assign this "component' the supplier link to a single female header, however when I go to generate a BOM, that's what I will get (an entry for a single female header).  This causes the potential for manufacturing woes.  I need the BOM to list two individual female headers for this part.


      Is there a way that CircuitStudio can have multiple distinct "components" assigned to a single footprint?

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          No, I don't think it does.


          Maybe you have created a footprint which includes both connectors in the required relative positions to match up with the Particle Electron board and then made a schematic component for it. I understand why you would want to do that - you can't then accidently move the connectors independently on the PCB. However, because there is no concept of part sub-assy it causes the BOM issue you are looking to solve.


          I think the best way is just to place the required two connectors on your PCB then 'lock' them in place. They can't be moved accidently and your BOM is correct.

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