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    Recomendations on panelization software for user array and multiproject?


      After experimenting with the PCB fab house doing the panelizing and the back and forth that entailed, and not getting quite consistent results, I want to take a stab at doing the creation of a user array. I'm using that term to not confuse with the panelizing the fabricator does to put N user boards on a typical raw material blank.


      For now I'm just interested in making either 2 up (1x2) or 4 up (2x2) array of the same board design - 10mm rails with tooling/fids, routed edges with tabs type thing.


      Down the road I may want to make a multi-project (i.e. 2 different designs) user array as some of the boards always end up in pairs. In that case though I also need to provide the assembly house with a merged pick and place file with all the offsets correct. I can offset the ref-des' easily enough.


      I want some tool to generate the panels and DRC the whole thing, etc., hopefully one tool that handles both the N copy user array as well as the N project user array.


      There are a number of tools out there but they seemed to be more aimed at fabricators and/or have a lot of high end features that aren't needed for 2 or 4 layer boards with >= 6/6 rules. In other words I don't want to spend more on the tool than I spent on CircuitStudio.


      Hoping someone here might have figured this out and could share what they do.


      Thanks for any suggestions.