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    A question about pcb outline


      I have a question about the pcb outline.

      One of our client make the board outline like this, he set a layer named milling layer, Red areas are milling width 1.6mm,this is the original file.


      And when we make the production file, we use the board edge of milling layer, is that correct to make the pcb in a correct size? 

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          yes, in principal you can do this. So he/she basically made a virtual board outline in the milling layer and then exported it in the gerber as the real pcb outline. Normally the milling layer is used to place in any pcb cutouts for milling.


          There is only one board outline allowed per pcb board by pcb tools. So this is a workaround. Maybe he wanted to keep the real board outline but also wanted to have an extra board outline. Then he has the flexibility in production and can use same design but in different board sizes.


          If it is specified that he wants to use the milling layer edge as the real board outline then the pcb size will be changed. Just ask again and make sure that he wanted to do it and its not a mistake from the design part.



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