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    Can't open my schematic



      I am using Autodesk eagle v 9.1.1

      I designed a test circuit and PCB layout.

      But, Now I can't open the schematic file.

      I am getting the following error




      line 157, column 24: Unexpected ''.


      Can anyone help me with this?




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          The schematic file is an XML file so you can open it with a text editor and fix at the problem line.

          Remember to make a backup of your problem file first so you can recover to the current point should things go wrong.


          Have a look at line 157 in the area of column 24

          Compare the format of that line with similar lines above and below and you should see the problem with its formatting.

          Eagle experiences these bad saves from time to time.

          Make the change, save the file and you should be OK.



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