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    How do I use the " Link To Generic 3D Model " functionality in CircuitStudio


      I can use the "Embed Generic 3D model" button in the 3D Body dialogue box.  Fine.  Good.


      The "Link To Generic 3D Model" button is greyed out, with the subtext:  "Linking Unavailable in PCB Library"


      See screenshot:



      I assume that this is functionality that the developers have removed from CircuitStudio, but have randomly left a greyed-out button for some reason.


      Is my assessment correct?


      There is no way to have updateable 3D model files in CircuitStudio?  We are forced to embed them in the design and then go back to the PCB library component, delete the 3d body, import the updated 3d body, and re-position it w.r.t. the footprint?