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    Second source/"Solution 1" for components in circuitstudio without using supplier links


      I have been using the supplier links for several components in a circuitstudio design.  One nice aspect of doing this is that when I export my BOM several pieces of critical information are filled in if I enable the "solution 1" checkbox as seen in the attachment (e.g. MPN)


      I have other components and or second sources for components that are not available through the select distributors that CircuitStudio has partnered with.

      How do I import the same data structure for these components?  E.g. how do I manually add "solution 1" to a component without using supplier links and or how do I add "solution 2" to a component also without using supplier links?

      One interesting thing to note is that when I edit the component properties in the schematic library editor I do not see all the subfields (e.g. MPN) shown in the "solution 1" fields.