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    Error 596 on http request




      At my environment I am using Built-in function HTTPRequest for example


      Connection = New HTTPConnection("api.element14.com");

      httpreq = New HTTPRequest("/catalog/products?term=any%3Afuse&storeInfo.id=uk.farnell.com&resultsSettings.offset=0&resultsS… ");

      httpanswer = Connection.SendForProcessing(httpreq);

      AnswerCode = httpanswer.StatusCode;


      and constantly receiving Code 596 -- Service not found


      Using API example at Chrome browser is returning correct Code 200.


      I am also tried curl for this link but still receiving Code 596.


      Reading documentation about other kinds of 596 error over Internet i found thats problem often in difference between endpoint requests and api versions. But here is no api version or xml schema version in url


      Any solutions?


      P.S. My environments HTTPRequest function works perfectly with most of other APIs.