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    Tstop layer for custom pad


      Using Eagle 6.5.0 I am making a library for an MPU-6880 and need the eight corner pads to have a beveled corner. I have made the beveled pads OK by placing a polygon over a small pad and also the Tcream layer the same size as the custom pad/ polygon.


      The DRU that I am using specifies a 2.5mil overlap for the Tstop layer but I am having trouble working out how to achieve this in the library package editor. I have tried to work out how to make the Tstop polygon from the command line with no real success so any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated please.


      EDIT - I just found Rachaelp's excellent tutorial on making a library package similar to this and realised that I have set my polygon width to zero so that I could get nice clean square corners. I see that this is going to cause me some issue so I think that I have some reading to do.