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    Reference designator/parameter locations relative to component


      How does circuitstudio decide where to put reference designators and the default comment relative to the part in a schematic and is there a way to control it?  I'm surprised I cannot see the text in the schematic library editor. 


      I'm facing a frustrating situation where I create a square component and it's putting both in a weird spot.  I can manually drag it to where it makes sense, but every time I update the part in the library the text goes back to the upper right corner (even if I try to lock the parameter text in the library).

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          Assuming you have the schematic library editor running select Home | Library > Options and ensure Always Show Comment/Designator is selected.


          You should now see two position indicators (asterisks). Bring up the property dialog for the designator one and uncheck Autoposition.


          Your reference designators can now be manually positioned on the symbol. You can uncheck Allow Synchronization With Library to prevent placed symbols updating (this can be set on the schematic sheet per component if desired).