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    Moto Mod Idea: Stylus Mod - is it possible?


      Hi. I'm new to this community so I'm not really sure where to start. I don't really have any programming or electronic experience (going to school for Game Art and Development) and I'm hoping you guys can help me.  I've been stirring on this idea for a while now: Stylus Moto Mod. The stylus would basically be pretty similar to the Galaxy Note phone styluses. It would be an attachment that snaps right on the back of the phone and the stylus would fo inside of it and it would click right in, just like the Galaxy Note has. I know that the Note phones have the integrated technology to where it is specifically made for the stylus (i.e, how you can just hover over the screen without even touching the stylus to it and it still senses it), but I was wondering if adding that technology would at all be possible to do with this mod? I also was thinking of maybe creating an app specifically for the Stylus Mod where you can write notes, screen write, draw, etc. I really think this would be a great idea, I just have no idea where to start and if this is even possible. Thank you guys so much in advance!