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    Moved from circuit maker to circuit studios more than tripled the work load-horrible library system


      I recently moved to from circuit studio because of an overflowing sand box in Circuit maker and I have to say that I'm disappointed with my experience so far. In operation they are very similar is not identical. However the library system in CS is horrendous in comparison to CM and the Altium vault seems to be a cruel joke.


      Like the title says, the library system has more than triple the amount of work that I need to do in comparison with CM and now I have a huge back load of components that I need to build. I would have preferred an version of CM with unlimited sandbox projects.


      I now there are work around to pull components from CM, but it's still an unnecessary amount of work that should be dumped on paying customers. It seems that a CIIVA subscription might be able to relieve some of the headache but as far as I can tell that won't integrate with CS?


      I really hope I'm missing something here. It just doesn't seem like it's possible for CS to take such a huge step backwards from CM.