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    Multi-Radio IoT SoC


      Hi fellow makers and professionals,


      I'm an experienced software engineer with an electronics background and have been prototyping over the past couple of years an IoT hub on the Raspberry Pi.  I've been scouting around looking for a multi-radio board or solution beyond wifi/ethernet and bluetooth that the Pi brings to the table.  I have a need to have concurrent Z-Wave, Zigbee/Xbee/802.15.4 in addition to WiFi & Bluetooth from the Pi to round out my prototyping.  I have a Z-Way hat for the Pi that works great and an Xbee hat that I've poked around with, but am limited by only a single GPIO connection for both unless getting multiple Pi's.


      Does anyone know of any SoC/SoM work being done for a board with those radios?  Something like the Indiegogo campaign for ALYT here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/alyt-beyond-smart-genius

      I've tried contacting them, but no response, and the campaign/project seams to have stalled or fallen through the cracks.


      I'm also open to a USB dongle solution if there are products available.


      Looking forward to your comments.

      - Doug

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