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    Need Someone for a Project: Cypress PSoc6 BLE kit +  Honeywell Pressure Sensor Shield


      I was contacted by a supplier who is interested in giving hardware for free to someone who could do a project for them featuring  Cypress's PSoc6 BLE kit +  Honeywell Pressure Sensor Shield.


      They would like the person to do the following:


      Interface the pressure sensors of the Honeywell Sensor Shield with the PSoC 6 analog/digital peripherals and then transmit data via BLE or showcasing it on the E-ink display of the PSoC 6 BLE Kit. The project should have some kind of medical application. For example, measuring pressure in some kind of health/medical application.


      Just to refresh your mind, here are the parts involved:


      Click here for more information or review the roadtest we did on this product: https://www.element14.com/community/roadTests/1862/l/cypress-psoc-6-ble-pioneer-kit-cy8ckit-062-ble#comment-117223


      Click here for more information on this Honeywell Sensor Shield. I have not roadtested this product.


      I would like to do this sometime in October. I'd like to get it accomplished in a month--the shorter time period is why I am not offering it as a roadtest.


      If you are interested, feel free to comment below.




      Randall Scasny

      RoadTest Program Manager

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