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    Sloppy Polygon Arcs


      I'm trying to create custom footprint pads with a non rectangular shape.  When using ARCs in poly regions, the arc calculation is very grainy and sloppy.  Is there a hidden grid setting or is there any way to fix this?  In this case I am trying to create a polygon within a footprint, but I have seen similar behavior with regions in PCBDoc's.  The bottom photo shows the issue when a 90 degree ARC is attempted:


      Sloppy Arcs in Region


      I will temporarily use 45 degree ARCs for my design but am hoping for a solution better than 'no ARCs in poly regions'.


      Thanks, Matt

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          Can you re-upload your picture.  I am not sure what you need.

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              I will upload a larger image when I get to the office tomorrow.  Basically, if you use what should be curved edges, CS draws really ragged edges and even distorts nearby straight lines.  You can see a distorted straight line on the top edge of the third polygon.  For whatever reason, it appears to be drawing a 3-4 vertex approximation of an arc instead of a clean ARC.

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              Without the images I'm taking a guess you are seeing something like the image below where a large arc approximation is used.

              When drawing a polygon in the PCB editor there is a property value to adjust the arc approximation.

              This parameter can be set for polygons but not filled regions and the footprint editor does not have the polygon draw command. One trick is to draw the shape in the PCB editor using a polygon and then copy and paste into the footprint. It pastes as a region but keeps the smooth arcs.