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    circuitstudio question


      Hello, I have used Eagle for 12 years and I would like to try circuitstudio.


      One big question that is most important to me in deciding whether to switch to some new software tool is the quality of support.


      How long does it usually take to get a question answered or at least looked at by someone?


      Can I call tech support and get a call back?


      Can I email my question and get a call back?


      With Eagle, this has been the case, so I was wondering how circuit studio measures up in that regard.




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          As far as support goes, there is really no support other than this community forum page.  There is email support, but finding support technicians who understand the software and can assist with anything that isn't already (poorly) documented here is nearly impossible.  My company tried to switch to Circuit Studio from using Eagle for many years because of the advantages of the components vault, BOM outputs, and 3D capabilities.  After using it a while, we found most features were attempted to be ported from Altium Designer and are poorly implemented.  And CS bug fixes and updates are remarkably slow and not all encompassing.  There are plenty of requests from users on this forum for bug fixes and updates that have yet to be resolved after over a year of beign reported.


          Once Eagle was bought by Autodesk, they've done a great job at adding most of the features we were going to switch to Circuit Studio for (aside from 3D capabilities).  In a nutshell, our experience was poor, and Eagle had upped the ante, so we've switched back to using Eagle as our main design software, but we have to continue to use CS for some designs that were made using it because there is no way to export from a CS design into Eagle.

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            For those that think this forum is the only support for CS it isn't true.


            You can also get answers to your questions in the Circuit Studio forum on the EEV Blog website.


            Between this site and EEV Blog I've gotten useful responses to posted questions quite quickly. Which wasn't always the case on the Altium Forum when I was using Altium Designer.


            Be advised that there is a guy over there that doesn't seem to like anything or anybody. Doubtless he would complain if you hung him with a new rope!