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    How do I sync removal of pin from a net between schematic capture and PCB layout


      I have two nets:  LED_3 and CHARGE_DISABLE.  They are connected to pins 14 and 19 of my microcontroller, respectively.  I would like to swap the pinout such that now net LED_3 is connected to pin 19 and net CHARGE_DISABLE is connected to pin 14.


      To be clear, I want the following:
      - Open schematic layout document

      - Disconnect net LED_3 from pin 14

      - Disconnect net CHARGE_DISABLE from pin 19

      - Connect net LED_3 to pin 19

      - Connect net CHARGE_DISABLE to pin 14


      If I apply the aforementioned changes to the schematic layout document, there doesn't appear to be any way to import those changes into the PCB layout document.


      What am I missing?


      Here is a video showing my problem (note you may have to select a higher resolution in the video settings options to make things viewable on your computer)