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    Logi Pi, no more. Hi "Virtual Logi Pi"


      Logi Pi not manufactured anymore?


      Virtual Logi Pi board based on FPGA XC6SLX16 spartan 6 with DDR3 256 MB


      I need one just for now and for future for a product I'm designing to. So, I decided to do a "Virtual Logi Pi" for my Raspberry Pi, for drive a RGB Led Matrix multipanel screen (from 3x2 to more) refreshing an image sent from RPi.

      The "replacement" for this logi pi board, this I bought two months ago, and not yet received (by ebay) :



      I hope any help from this community, I think I can achieve this goal with your help.


      Best regards.


      PD. Step 1. Receive the spartan 6 based board from ebay vendor...