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    Raspberry Pi 2 Model B Bare Metal Reference Design


      I've been searching the web for the past day and I must just not know where to look.  I can find bare metal examples for the Raspberry Pi (1) and the Raspberry Pi 3, but I have been unable to find any blogs, posts, forums, etc that have references for bare metal examples for the Raspberry Pi 2.

      I went so far as to try building the Raspberry Pi reference design I found, but regardless of what I did after building it, I couldn't get my Raspberry Pi 2b to actually boot it.


      Just in case there's confusion, I'm not looking to boot Linux, but rather to create a simple few lines of code to just flash the LED. If I can do this, I can expand to whatever I want since i'll know how to get the bootloader (in the GPU) to work for me.


      I'm a NOOB with the Raspberry Pi, but I've been doing embedded systems for a long time.  If there's anyone out there that can point me to the right place, I know I can figure it out.


      Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions.